Latex Mattress Reviews

You Need To Know that…

100% natural latex does not exist.

If the company insists their latex is 100% natural, run. Apparantly it’s just not possible. If 100% natural latex mattresses existed they would be as firm as a spare tire. A certain percentage of synethic material is always added.

If they insist it’s 100% natural they either belive it or they’re lying. Either way, you don’t want to deal with them since they either don’t really know what’s in their latex foam or they’re non-truth tellers.

Bottom line, choose the most natural latex mattress you can find. Roughly 94% natural content is the max, the rest is synthetic.

Watch Out!

Cheap fillers mixed into the latex formulation are the absolute worst possibility, causing softening and body impressions. Ask your mattress store if if their latex mattress contains fillers. Avoid latex with fillers at all costs, look into consumer complaints for poor quality reputation and read latex mattress reviews. 

Many so-called “Latex” mattresses have very little latex in them. These are referred to as “Latex Hybrids” by the manufacturers, but quite often, retail salespeople won’t bother to make the distinction when selling them. So, as with any mattress, it’s important to know what’s inside. The answers to the questions “Does this mattress contain latex foam with fillers” and “How many inches of Latex?” will provide a good measure of the total mattress quality. 

Comparison shopping is next to impossible only knowing the model name. The model names for nearly every mattress will differ from store to store. Latex mattresses are made in a multitude of formulations: all natural, a blend of natural latex and synthetic latex, and all synthetic. All are durable. 

All latex formulations will contain about 5% “other” ingredients that are required to form the liquid into foam. The synthetic latex is considered best for consistency of manufacture but an all synthetic latex mattress does not have the “WOW” factor resiliency of a blend. As with any natural product, the consistency of natural latex can vary without adequate quality manufacturing techniques.

Why a Latex Mattress?

Health, comfort, durability just to name a few.

Latex mattresses are quickly growing in popularity because of the health and organic movement. People are beginning to surround themselves with natural products including mattresses.

Organic mattresses can now be found at your local mattress store and organic mattress stores are popping up all over the country. Most latex mattress reviews lead us to believe there are some very good quality latex mattresses out there.

Latex mattresses have been around since the 50’s so it’s by no means a new product but latex foam and latex mattresses have evolved in those 50 years.

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