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An elasticized cover that fits on the top of your mattress is called a mattress pad. This pad protects your mattress and offers you additional comfort in your sleep and is generally made of foam. Reading mattress pad reviews will help you choose a mattress pad that you will use and enjoy for years to come.

From the beginning of time people have been changing sleeping materials in search of the most comfortable bed and this evolution has resulting in these mattress pads. From palm bows, hay, wool and feathers, in the old days to the mattresses currently available on the market it is clear that a lot of changes have taken place and the choices are many. The most frequently used material today for mattress and mattress pads are polyester and cotton.

These mattress pads are another solution to enhancing sleep because they increase the comfort of the person sleeping. People often chose mattress pads because these are cheaper to replace than an entire bedding mattress and also requires low maintenance. The waterproof ones are especially easy to keep clean and invaluable when you have a bed wetter and the heated types are great in keeping you warm on those cold winter nights.

As protection against bacteria, dust mites and other allergens some of these mattress pads also have hypoallergenic properties. Also available are the memory foam mattress pad which most people consider top of the line because of the extraordinary comfort it offers by shaping itself around your body.

These mattress pads like most bedding items are available in all sizes from twin all the way to king size. As a result of its ability to adapt to changes in the body temperature the memory foam pad has received a lot of good reviews. The mattress pad is able to give the spine good alignment and reduce pressure points because of its ability to adapt to the shape of the body.

The mattress pads are also available in different thickness 1.5’’, 2’’, 3’’, and so on. Usually found in clearance the thinner mattress pads will generally not offer as much comfort as the thicker pads. A search will reveal that there are many brands available to choose from and they include Sunbeam, Novaform, Perfect Fit, Simmons and Chatham and Wells.

Egg crate mattress pads: These are mattress pads that use closed or open foam to build an egg carton shaped pad. Moderately priced with dips and bumps evenly distributed across its surface. These mattress pads give the back very good support and can be used on top of any type of bed

Heated mattress Pad – These pads give both comfort to the user as well as economize on your electric bill, because instead of heating your entire house in the winter you can lower your thermostat and use these heated mattress to keep you warm. These heated mattress pads are also known as electric mattress pads and they have an adjustable knob that has low- medium –high whereas the superior pads have independent zone automated temperature sensing thermostats.

These are just a few examples of the many types of mattress pads available and sometimes making a choice can be difficult. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that generally speaking the higher quality pads are more expensive and are usually thicker.

Mattress pads can range from 20 dollars right up to a 1000 dollars. Even though it is recommended that you check out the different mattress pads at your local bedding store the best deals pricewise are usually online.

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