Egg Crate Mattress Pad

Are you in search of a moderately priced mattress pad? An egg crate mattress will fill this bill and it gives good back support, decreases pressure and averts pressure sores. This mattress pad uses closed or open cell foam built in the shape of an egg carton and ranges in thickness from 2’’ right up to 10’’. It is made up of the following materials magnetic stripes, foam, down or other material which all contribute to give the pad added protection, insulation and support. These pads can be put on top of any type of mattress and they provide a comfortable surface that is dry and cool which distributes the body weight evenly thereby improving circulation and giving one a good night rest.

The purpose of the dips and bumps in these mattress pads are to provide good support and to reduce pressure points and bedsores, they offer breathability, shock resistance and also keep the user warm. These bumps and dips are present on only one side of the mattress pad the other side is flat so it cannot be turned over for use.

The mattress pads are of high quality and are made up of only medical grade, medium density urethane foam that does not contain plastics but has an open cell structure. Because of the benefits to patients that have suffered spinal cord injury they are mostly used in rehab clinics and hospitals. Besides a memory foam mattress these egg crate pads can be put on top of any type of mattress including latex, regular foam, down or feather, inner spring, air or water.

These pads offer excellent weight distribution for reclining support, pressure relief and comfort and the cushion it provides between the mattress and the user will ensure great comfort.

For one to enjoy their mattress pad for a long time they need to keep it clean to prevent the growth of germs or bacteria in them. Knowledge of how to keep the mattress pad clean will also allow you to keep your bed sheets clean.Most foam material prevents the growth of bacteria but over time the egg crate mattress pad becomes a bit stuffy as a result of sweat and skin cells that enter into the grooves in this mattress pad.

Routine cleaning of your mattress pad will ensure it is always fresh smelling and the cleaning is done using a mixture of water, lemon juice and baking soda in a spray bottle. Once the mixture is prepared and put in the bottle remove the bed sheets and spray the mixture all over the mattress pad allow to soak for an hour and then leave it to dry. DO NOT PUT IN A DRYER, the foam material is fragile and the heat will melt it. It is best to hang it out to dry on a clothes line preferably in the shade rather than in direct sunlight. Make sure the mattress pad is completely dry before reusing or you risk the formation of mildew.

Throughout the cleaning process treat your egg crate mattress pad with care to ensure that you do not destroy the integrity of the material so that it will continue to serve its purpose very well.