Waterproof Mattress Pad: Its Main Features and Some Buying Tips

Finally, people having trouble on cleaning their mattress can worry no more with the help of a waterproof mattress pad. Using this type of mattress pad has a number of advantages aside from preventing the mattress from accidentally getting wet.

Consider the Newpoint International Waterproof Mattress Pad, which is among the most popular brands of this product, as an example. This mattress pad has a polylaminate layer that can block water or any other liquid from getting into the protected mattress. It is also made from two other types of material – cotton and hypoallergenic polyester – whose main purpose is to provide additional level of comfort to the mattress itself.

With 100 % soft cotton in its composition, this mattress pad can significantly increase the softness and smoothness of the mattress alone. The level of comfort of this material is more emphasized by its 200-count stylish threads. The other material of this product, which is the hypoallergenic polyester, is the one that further enhances the pad’s comfort features by preventing allergy-causing particles to get and stick to the pad. This means that this type of product is very advisable for people with sensitive skin that make them easily get uncomfortable on the presence of allergens. It also works well for those having respiratory problems such as asthma because this mattress pad comes with a refreshing scent.

Another main advantage of using such product is the elimination of frequent cleaning of the mattress. Because it’s a cover, you only need to remove it out of the mattress and wash it by some means. You may also use your washing machine to clean it and use a tumble drier to let it dry out easily. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be bothered on changing your mattress with one having a different size or shape. Most models of mattress pad are made of stretchable materials making them flexible enough for a wide variety of mattress types. Other than that, the materials used as well as the design of the fabric’s structure also make the mattress pad highly durable and resistant from wear and tear. These are just some of the features that make this mattress pad capable of extending the lifetime of the precious mattress.

There are other models of mattress pad available in the markets that offer all the features of Quiet Comfort Waterproof Mattress Pad. Some of these may even include more promising features at a considerably affordable price. You basically need to take time reading the product’s key features as well as some user reviews.
Remember, if you want to get the most of your money, you have to give focus on the product’s quality rather than on the price alone.

It is also best to include in your shortlist as much product models as possible before buying one. Through this step, you will have more chance to pick the best mattress pad model that matches to your preferences and to your allocated budget. Lastly, you also need to consider checking the product’s warranty when you finally picked the best mattress pad.

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

sunbeam heated mattress pad is a product that has been well fabricated with a combination of hard wearing and yet comfortable materials. These pads are capable of providing heat efficiently and also enable you to save on your electric bill. By lowering your thermostat while using these mattress pads Sunbeam says the user can save up to $131 per year and backs this up with a 5 year warranty.

During the cold weather most people’s circulation slow down and the use of these pads will restore normal circulation and also reduce any pain in the back, shoulder, neck and legs. For arthritic patients this is a great therapeutic tool that soothes the aches and helps ensure a good night sleep, so the elderly will especially benefit from these pads. It is during sleep that we regain our energy and we can only achieve this when we are pain free and the use of these mattress pads will help us to achieve this.

These Sunbeam mattress pads come in five different sizes twin, full, queen, king and California king and the last three sizes have twin controls in case there are two people using the bed each person can adjust their temperature to suit them.

All the units also include the following features:

  • They all have 10 specific heat settings with a 10 hour auto off which shuts it off after this period in case it was forgotten on. The top of these pads are made up of quilted cotton and the rest is 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend. The thread count is 140 and the mattress pad is machine washable and dryable and will fit mattresses with depth of up to 18 inches.
  • These mattress pads are good not only for the aged and the sick but also for healthy individuals, especially those sensitive to cold this is a good economic way to stay warm. It provides a continuous low level of heat and is able to target 3 areas of the body to offer extra heat therapy, the neck and shoulder, back and lower legs and feet.

There are two types of Sunbeam imperial mattress pads: Sunbeam Imperial Haven Mattress pad and the Sunbeam Imperial Comfort mattress pad. These imperial mattress pads create a nice warm bed that soothes all your aches and pains allowing you to sleep well and wake up full of energy. Back pain, arthritis, muscle pain sufferers this is the mattress pad for you and goodbye cold feet you no longer need to sleep with socks.

In these mattress pads, the wires are surrounded by cushion so you do not feel them and unlike other heated mattress pads there is no power cord controller. In addition to keeping you warm these heated mattress pads also offer protection for your mattress. Take note that if the bed is taking too long to get warm put a blanket over the mattress and heat will be retained ensuring that the bed warms up quickly.

Buying these mattress pads off season can get you some really great deals and shopping online after reading customer reviews from other sunbeam customers will make you realize that a Sunbeam heated mattress pad lives up to the Sunbeam brand name by giving you a good night rest and a happy feeling throughout the day.

Egg Crate Mattress Pad

Are you in search of a moderately priced mattress pad? An egg crate mattress will fill this bill and it gives good back support, decreases pressure and averts pressure sores. This mattress pad uses closed or open cell foam built in the shape of an egg carton and ranges in thickness from 2’’ right up to 10’’. It is made up of the following materials magnetic stripes, foam, down or other material which all contribute to give the pad added protection, insulation and support. These pads can be put on top of any type of mattress and they provide a comfortable surface that is dry and cool which distributes the body weight evenly thereby improving circulation and giving one a good night rest.

The purpose of the dips and bumps in these mattress pads are to provide good support and to reduce pressure points and bedsores, they offer breathability, shock resistance and also keep the user warm. These bumps and dips are present on only one side of the mattress pad the other side is flat so it cannot be turned over for use.

The mattress pads are of high quality and are made up of only medical grade, medium density urethane foam that does not contain plastics but has an open cell structure. Because of the benefits to patients that have suffered spinal cord injury they are mostly used in rehab clinics and hospitals. Besides a memory foam mattress these egg crate pads can be put on top of any type of mattress including latex, regular foam, down or feather, inner spring, air or water.

These pads offer excellent weight distribution for reclining support, pressure relief and comfort and the cushion it provides between the mattress and the user will ensure great comfort.

For one to enjoy their mattress pad for a long time they need to keep it clean to prevent the growth of germs or bacteria in them. Knowledge of how to keep the mattress pad clean will also allow you to keep your bed sheets clean.Most foam material prevents the growth of bacteria but over time the egg crate mattress pad becomes a bit stuffy as a result of sweat and skin cells that enter into the grooves in this mattress pad.

Routine cleaning of your mattress pad will ensure it is always fresh smelling and the cleaning is done using a mixture of water, lemon juice and baking soda in a spray bottle. Once the mixture is prepared and put in the bottle remove the bed sheets and spray the mixture all over the mattress pad allow to soak for an hour and then leave it to dry. DO NOT PUT IN A DRYER, the foam material is fragile and the heat will melt it. It is best to hang it out to dry on a clothes line preferably in the shade rather than in direct sunlight. Make sure the mattress pad is completely dry before reusing or you risk the formation of mildew.

Throughout the cleaning process treat your egg crate mattress pad with care to ensure that you do not destroy the integrity of the material so that it will continue to serve its purpose very well.